Pest Control In Mustang, OK

Mustang, OK is a growing suburban city, but it’s not just new residents we are attracting. Pests are frequent invaders of Mustang homes and businesses, and it’s important to have quality Canadian County pest control

At Killin’ It Termite and Pest, we provide trustworthy pest control without cutting corners so that you get great work with great products and quality results. Find out what we can offer your home or business by calling to request a free consultation today. 

Residential Pest Control In Mustang

While many companies cut costs by using cheap products and low mix rates or skipping steps to save time, Killin’ It Termite and Pest provides residential pest control services that you can trust. We provide superior inspections, pest and property-specific preparation, maximum mix rates, and optional monthly maintenance to provide regular and continued services. 

Our residential inspection process looks for signs of pests, harborage areas, standing water, opportunities for exclusion, and conducive conditions. We present our findings along with pricing and service recommendations based on the results of these inspections. 

Our home pest control services include:

  • Killin’ It All General Plan: Monthly services for general pests.
  • Killin’ It All General Plus Plan: Monthly treatment for general pests as well as specialty treatments for rodents, bed bugs, roaches, fleas, mosquitoes, and more.
  • Killin’ It All Complete Plan: Everything above plus installation of termite bait stations, monthly monitoring, and termite warranty while on the plan.
  • One-Shot Kill Mosquito Treatment
  • Two-Shot Kill “everything but bed bugs” Treatment
  • Two-Shot Kill Bed Bug Treatment

For home pest control you can trust, call on the experts at Killin’ It Termite and Pest. 

Commercial Pest Control In Mustang

As much as you want to protect your Mustang home from pests, it’s just as important to safeguard your business. Pests can threaten the safety of your customers and employees, damage inventory and facilities, and be harmful to your bottom line. Invest in commercial pest control you can count on with Killin’ It Termite and Pest!

No matter what industry you are in, it’s important that you have a pest control plan tailored to the needs of your property and industry. At Killin’ It Termite and Pest, we specialize in a variety of commercial facilities, including:

  • Storage Facilities
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Warehouses
  • Oil Rig Sites
  • Places of Worship
  • Office Buildings

We provide detailed inspections and targeted treatments to remove existing pest threats and safeguard your property from future infestations. 

By using Integrated Pest Management strategies, we can help you maintain long-term control of pests in your businesses. Our monthly treatments interrupt the reproduction cycle of pests. By using the right products in the right places, we provide lasting results. Call or connect with us online today to find out more about our commercial pest control services. 

Three Ways To Protect Your Mustang Property From Termites

Termites are secretive and destructive pests. Often called silent destroyers, they will consume buildings from the inside out, and the damage often isn’t evident until it has advanced to the point of requiring expensive repairs. On average, termites cost United States property owners five billion dollars a year. 

You can protect your home from these pests with the following three termite control services from Killin’ It Termite and Pest.  

  1. Inspection: When we inspect your home for termites we look for a range of evidence including termite swarmers, mud tubes, interior and exterior damage. Our technicians have specialized tools and training to catch these signs at the early stages of an infestation before damage has become widespread. 
  2. Treatments: We provide treatments based on the needs of your property that can include spot treatments on infested areas and live bait stations that encourage worker termites to transfer bait back to the colony, and Termidor treatments.
  3. Monitoring: Monthly follow ups allow us to ensure your property remains protected from termites into the future so that you never need to worry about termites again!

Safeguard your home from expensive damage with termite control from Killin’ It Termite and Pest. 

How Much Do You Really Know About The Rodents In Mustang?

Rodents are common pests in Mustang, but many residents are in the dark about just how dangerous these animals can be. Not only will rodents damage your property and belongings, but they also spread disease and parasites, contaminate food, soil nesting areas, and reproduce at a rate that makes it nearly impossible to rid your home of infestations on your own. 

At Killin’ It Termite and Pest, we want to make sure you and your family are protected from rodents and other common area pests. We provide specialized inspections to identify rodent activity both inside and out and then specialized treatment plans to fit the needs of your property. 

Protect your home and family from the hazards of rodents with rodent control services from Killin’ It Termite and Pest.