It's no surprise that Oklahoma City has been named one of the best places to visit. With all our city offers in culture, cuisine, attractions, and amenities, in addition to our laid-back Western roots, people flock here for everything from family fun to outdoor adventures. What may surprise you is that many of the same things that make Oklahoma City a great place for tourists also make it a great place for pests. Rich cuisine, outdoor living, temperate climate, and plenty of people make for great resources for area pests. Luckily there are options available for quality Oklahoma County pest control. Don't let pests get the best of your home or business; instead, call the experts at Killin' It Termite and Pest and let us eliminate your pest concerns and keep them from coming back. 

Residential Pest Control In Oklahoma City

No matter where you live in Oklahoma City, you'll want to rest easy knowing that pest control is under control, and with Killin' It Termite and Pest, that's exactly what it will be. We service homes of all sizes, shapes, and conditions, as well as outbuildings, sheds, dog houses, fence lines, play areas, and anywhere else around your home you want to be protected with residential pest control. Call or connect with us online today and be sure to ask about our One-Shot Kill visits and exclusive Killin' It All Premier Plan, and everything in between. Whatever you need for home pest control, we can create a solution for you. 

Commercial Pest Control In Oklahoma City

Whether you are a landlord, own a hotel, office complex, medical facility, storage unit, or any other business in Oklahoma City, you'll want to consider pest concerns before they become a problem for your bottom line. At Killin' It Termite and Pest, we can handle pests of all shapes and sizes with our commercial pest control options. Just like with our home pest control services, we offer top-notch services without cutting corners. We'll provide you with the most complete treatment plans for your business and max mix rates to ensure your pest problems are a thing of the past. Call us today to schedule an in-person quote and find out how much we can save your business.

Why Call Killin' It If Mosquitoes Start Buzzing Around Your Oklahoma City Lawn

There's no doubt that mosquitoes are obnoxious pests, but did you know that they are also considered one of the most dangerous animals in the world? These pesky insects spread a number of serious and sometimes fatal diseases through their bites, making it essential to control populations around your Oklahoma City property. 

There's only so much you can do with bug spray and cleaning up the yard to keep these biting insects at bay. A lot of mosquito control depends on your surroundings which are often outside of your control. To truly prevent and control mosquitoes around your Oklahoma City property, you'll need help from experts with professional-grade solutions, like the experienced technicians at Killin' It Termite and Pest Control. Call today to find out more about our mosquito control options or to request a quote.

Ten Easy And Effective Ways To Keep Cockroaches Out Of Your Oklahoma City Home

Cockroaches are dangerous pests and difficult to manage. Once they make their way into Oklahoma City homes, it can be almost impossible to get rid of cockroaches without professional help. However, there are things you can do to minimize the chances that cockroaches will find their way into your home, including these top ten tips:

  1. Put away food. Store leftovers in airtight containers or the refrigerator and pantry goods in plastic or glass containers rather than paper or cardboard packaging. 
  2. Clean up—regularly. Clean floors and countertops, including hard to reach places around appliances.
  3. Take out the trash. Keep both indoor, and outdoor trash cans covered and empty them regularly. 
  4. Keep things dry. Fix leaky plumbing, address condensation, and maintain good drainage.
  5. Eliminate excess moisture. Use dehumidifiers and ventilate areas with excess humidity.
  6. Seal cracks and crevices. Don't give cockroaches an easy way inside. Seal cracks and crevices in your exterior walls and foundation.
  7. Install weatherstripping. Proper weatherstripping and door sweeps can keep cockroaches as well as other pests outside.
  8. Declutter your home. Less clutter means fewer places to hide and easier cleaning.
  9. Maintain landscaping. Along the same lines as decluttering. Cockroaches often nest outside before making their way into our homes. Brush piles and other organic debris make excellent hiding places for area roaches. 
  10. Call on a professional. At Killin' It Termite and Pest, we can help you keep cockroaches and other pests out of your Oklahoma City home.

Call today for more information on our cockroach control services or to schedule your first appointment.