Customized Pest Control In The Village, OK

The Village is a quaint city that overlooks Lake Hefner and provides its residents with water access and stunning walking trails. Living in The Village also means good public education, independently owned businesses and coffee shops, and community centers for all. But even in picturesque places like The Village, pest problems can develop at any time.  

At Killin’ It Termite and Pest, we specialize in customized pest control in The Village for the homeowners and businesses that we service. For the last decade, we have been the trusted name in pest control because we take the time to do the job right, always make safety the top priority, and do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction. We adhere to Integrated Pest Management methods in order to customize each treatment plan we develop, and the products that we use during these services are always top-shelf for additional security.  For more information on our services, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In The Village

At Killin’ It Termite and Pest, we deliver pest control in The Village that will keep your home pest-free throughout the year. With more than a decade of experience, our team of highly trained technicians is adept at addressing your pest control concerns. We follow Integrated Pest Management methods to safely treat places like baseboards, plumbing lines, garages, foundations, cracks, and interiors. Each product that we use is safe for everyone in your home and by delivering routine maintenance, we can stay ahead of pests. 

In addition to our ongoing pest protection, we offer targeted services for cockroaches, mosquitoes, rodents, and termites so that you’re always fully protected. For more information on our residential pest control offerings, call us today.

Commercial Pest Control In The Village 

When pest problems both big and small develop inside your business, how do you handle them? At Killin’ It Termite and Pest, we believe in the power of The Village pest control that we deliver. Our company has more than a decade of experience, follows the industry’s best standards, and uses top-quality products, which the average person doesn’t have access to. The benefits of professional services abound and provide you with continuous protection and peace of mind.  

When you first call us, we begin by performing a property inspection where we look for signs of pest activity, entry points, and problematic conditions. We follow the methods of Integrated Pest Management in order to create a treatment plan for you. Some of the services that we offer during this time include foundation treatments, crack and crevice applications, and setting bait stations. We then check on your property routinely to ensure a pest-free environment. For more information on our commercial pest control, call us today.

How To Tell If You Have A Cockroach Problem In Your The Village Home

It’s not uncommon to have a cockroach problem in your home because cockroaches in The Village are crafty and good at hiding. They usually don’t stray far from their food or water sources and they’re nocturnal as well. That said, here are some signs that you might be dealing with cockroaches in your home:

  • Smear marks on floors, which come from liquid feces
  • Fecal matter that looks like pepper flakes or coffee grounds
  • Live or dead roaches
  • Strong foul odors that cockroaches actually release to attract others
  • Tears to snack item packaging
  • An increase in spider populations
  • Shed body parts or skins
  • Eggs or egg sacs
  • Elevated allergic reactions or asthma attacks

If you suspect the presence of cockroaches in your home, call Killin’ It Termite and Pest right away. We follow Integrated Pest Management methods to address the root cause of cockroaches and keep them away long-term. For more information on our cockroach control, please call us now. 

The Best Way To Protect Your The Village Property From Termites

Termites are crafty pests that spend their time eating away at your property in The Village. They can eat wood 24/7 once they start, and because their colonies are usually located inside walls and foundations, you might not even know they’re there. Termite colonies can range from thousands to millions of members, which is why the best way to get rid of them is with termite control in The Village from Killin’ It Termite and Pest.  

Our locally owned company has been helping countless homeowners and businesses find relief from termites over our last decade of service, and we look forward to helping you. Our termite control process begins with a full property inspection. At this point, we look for signs like hollow walls and damaged wood as well as any conducive conditions that your property could have. To eliminate termites we usually install bait stations and if your property requires it, we’ll use liquid treatments from Termidor as well. No matter what your termite troubles are, we will monitor them regularly and guarantee that they’re been eliminated. For more information on protecting your property from termites, call us today.