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About Us

Who Are Killin' It Termite and Pest, LLC?


Killin' It Termite and Pest is a different kind of pest control service. The idea to form a pest control company came to us because, after working for a number of big, popular companies in the area, our owner noticed that no one was actually doing pest control correctly. They cut corners, they use inferior product, they use minimum mix rates, and have TONS of reservices. It's because of this, that he decided to start his own pest control company. Originally founded under the name Prevent Pest and Termite and specializing in services "the other guys" didn't do, or didn't want, and with plans no one else had, we helped hundreds of customers keep their homes and families safe from annoying, inconvenient, and sometimes dangerous pests with our unique, comprehensive, and affordable plans. When the COVID pandemic hit, our family was impacted greatly. As a result, we chose to sell the business to someone we trusted to continue the Prevent Pest and Termite ideals and treatments. While that other company has done, and continues to do, a fabulous job, we decided it was time to get back to our passion, our success, and to following the dream of owning a business that provides a unique, needed service to the community. Killin' It Termite and Pest was founded in July of 2022, but we have carried over the same principles in service, commitment, customer service, results, and affordability that Oklahomans had come to enjoy and expect those years ago. 

Our Mission

To provide superior pest control and elimination treatments by only using the highest rated products, max mix rates, and the highest level applications and integrated pest management solutions so that people, their families, their homes and businesses will be safe, comfortable and pest free. 

Our Certifications & Qualifications

We have 8 years' experience handling pests in Oklahoma. As a former termite helper turned Assistant to the Office Manager at A+ Pest Control (haha), and former Pest Control Division Manager at Terrascapes, both in OKC, Rainey is a customer service expert AND an expert field technician that holds 3 Certified Applicator certificates in the following categories: General Pest, Structural Pest (termites and wood destroying insects), and Turf and Ornamental (lawn pests and trees).  At one time he held the Vertebrate and Predatory animal certifications as well and will renew those at start of 2023. 

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